Ride MVP

Built with the core concepts of simplicity, fairness, and charity, Ride is a ride-sharing platform that helps groups of people traveling to the same destination find others like them to share the drive and cost. As a driver, you were paid based on mileage and expenses which you could then donate a portion of to your favorite charity. As a passenger, you were conveniently matched with members of your community or social circle and split the cost with the rest of the group.

While at Ride, I created conceptual sketches, requirements documents, flow diagrams, and a final end-to-end prototype to both serve as a deliverable for the engineering team to build from as well as a test platform for ongoing user testing and market validation.

Role & Contributions

  • Work with VP of Design to craft the strategy and direction for Ride MVP

  • Create final end-to-end prototype for testing with sample user base leading up to alpha program

  • Work with external UX Research company to create script and conduct in-person interviews

  • Work with Product Owners to refine stories and update roadmap


Functional prototype available upon request.

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Generative Match Screen

A concept exploring how to promote being the driver.

Generative Expenses Screen

A concept exploring possible way of letting a driver add expenses such as parking or tolls.

Generative Multiple Match Screen

A concept exploring a swipe for more matches experience as well as the notion of picking seats.

Adding feedback and settling up costs flow diagram

Unique Application Screens

Tracking document for all unique screens within the app.